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What crossborder shipping advantages, if any, does ShipNorthAmerica offer?

What crossborder shipping advantages, if any, does ShipNorthAmerica offer over large U.S. based common carriers such as Yellow, Roadway, CCX / Conway, Overnite, Fedex Freight & Old Dominion etc…?

The single largest advantage we offer is in how we move your freight. Shipments leaving Canada will be delivered on the same truck without being transferred or handled at terminal or breakbulk facilities. Shipments originating in the U.S. will also travel on a single truck until they arrive in Canada. This lack of handling results in two distinct advantages: Faster transit times and the virtual elimination of cargo claims.
This is in direct contrast to common carriers who transfer or handle your freight as many as six times before your shipment is delivered.
We also offer a much higher level of personalized service. We personally track every shipment and will call you immediately if a service issue should arise.
We offer flexible and varied pricing formats that can best be suited to meet your needs. We do not enforce rigid rules in regards to accessorial charges.
We can handle most any type of freight and can provide a wide variety of equipment. For instance, we handle LTL and truckload quantity shipments. We also can handle frozen loads, shipments requiring heat, flatbeds loads of all types and dedicated loads to be moved in cargo vans or straight trucks, to name a few.

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