The Impact of Truck Drivers – Paul’s Story

Paul works for a grocery supply chain warehouse. He works with multiple drivers each day preparing, packaging and loading palettes onto the trucks. They work together in order to ensure that our stores are stocked with what we need every day. Q – How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the day-to-day operations in your workplace? A – We are being very cautious. Right now we are required to wear masks and gloves on the floor and we do temperature checks at the start of each shift. It can obviously be difficult to practice perfect social distancing in the warehouse, but we have made some changes to help with that too. Before, we would have teams of 4 that would work together to pack and load…


The Impact of Truck Drivers – Casey’s Story

Casey is a veterinary technician at her local Emergency Animal Hospital. They rely on medical equipment and supplies everyday to treat and care for their patients, our animal companions. Without the tireless efforts of our nation’s truck drivers, many animal hospitals could face shortages in life saving supplies that allow the veterinary staff to effectively do their job, keeping our pets healthy.   Q- Has the current crisis had an effect on your clinic’s day to day operations? Yes. We do function as a 24hr clinic for emergencies, so before the outbreak we would not require a call before bringing your pet in for emergency care, now we do. We have also had to limit the amount of family members allowed in the clinic to…