Ask a Shipping Expert: How to Ship Oversize Loads

Shipping heavy or oversized goods can be challenging. Here are some ways you can prepare in order to ship oversize loads.

Know the exact dimensions of your load

It is vital to precisely measure your shipment’s length, width, height, and weight before heavy haul shipping. A few inches or lbs of discrepancy may change the route and price. If dimensions or weight are altered after the fact, then the carrier must start the permit process anew which will incur additional fees and cause delays in shipping.

If you can, take the products apart and put them back together again after delivery. This will help to ensure that they arrive in one piece. You should also give the carrier a detailed description of what is being shipped (with pictures or diagrams), so that they can choose the right type of truck for the job.

Have a plan for loading and unloading

Your shipment will need to be loaded onto the trailer before it leaves. Depending on how much your product weighs, you might need a crane or forklift to load it. If there are any delays in loading or unloading your shipment, you may have to pay extra charges.

Be aware of special shipping equipment requirements

Depending on the product, special shipping and packing requirements will be necessary. For example, somebody who ships industrial machinery won’t have the same packaging needs as someone who distributes vehicles.

You will need to decide if your load requires special transportation equipment, like flags, rotating lights, tie-down points, or bracing. If it is fragile, you’ll have to strap it down somewhere in the truck so it doesn’t move around and get damaged. If your load is sensitive to things like weather playground essay temperature changes or moisture, you should cover it with a tarpaulin material to protect it.

Find a carrier you can trust

If you want to save time and money, the best option is to find a reputable carrier or online freight company, such as ShipNorthAmerica. With their help, shipping will be much less complicated.

You may not choose the cheapest option because it’s not always the best one. Make sure your freight arrives safely by choosing a reliable transportation method.

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