The Impact of Truck Drivers – Casey’s Story

  Casey is a veterinary technician at her local Emergency Animal Hospital. They rely on medical equipment and supplies everyday to treat and care for their patients, our animal companions. Without the tireless efforts of our nation’s truck drivers, many animal hospitals could face shortages in life saving supplies that allow the veterinary staff to effectively do their job, keeping our pets healthy.   Q- Has the current crisis had an effect on your clinic’s day to day operations? Yes. We do function as a 24hr clinic for emergencies, so before the outbreak we would not require a call before bringing your pet in for emergency care, now we do. We have also had to limit the amount of family members allowed in the clinic…


The Impact of Truck Drivers

Throughout this blog series we will be speaking with people who have a close connection with the transportation industry. Whether they are drivers themselves, mechanics, work with or have friends/family members in the field, these are people who want to take the time to #thankatrucker.   Katie is an essential worker in the food industry. As shift manager, she works directly with the delivery drivers each week when receiving her store’s shipment.   Q- How has the current crisis affected your store’s normal operations? “We have definitely had to make changes as a crew to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers. There are a lot of essential and frontline workers who rely on us to start their morning. When things started…


Covid-19 has affected us all in ways we never imagined it would. Our day to day lives have changed drastically. In these uncertain times, one thing has become apparent: we have heroes among us. They take the form of doctors, nurses, and essential service workers. Within this group of essential workers, we would like to take a moment to recognize our truck drivers. Our truck drivers are rising to the challenge that we have put before them; many of them traveling long distances without being able to see their families while we must stay inside with ours. They do this because they know we all rely on them. They get up everyday intent on ensuring our grocery stores, gas stations, medical care infrastructure and other…