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Saving Your Contact Information

How Does it Work?
The Quick Quote page places data, known as a "cookie", in a folder on your computer reserved for these types of data. Whenever you access the Quick Quote page using the same computer, the page will request that information from your computer and input it into the form. This saves you from having to input the same basic information every time you use the Quick Quote.

To allow the Quick Quote page to place these cookies on your computer, you must be sure that your computer is set to allow cookies. You can check your settings in the "Internet Options" item in the Control Panel. In that menu, select "Privacy", and make sure your privacy setting is at "Medium" or lower.

Is This Safe?
Absolutely! The Quick Quote page can only place the specified contact information and only in a specially designated folder on your system. It can only access that same information and nothing else. None of your other folders or files can be accessed or edited by the Quick Quote page.

Do I Have to Use This to Make the Quick Quote Work?
You can still use the Quick Quote without allowing the page to save your details. If you access at work, your company's network connection may not even allow it. To disable the function, simply make sure that the "Save my Details" Check Box is not checked. You will be able to use the quick quote the same as before and you will have to type in all of your information each time you visit the Quick Quote page.

You might notice that after filling out the Quick Quote and clicking "Submit", the page loads again with your information already included in the form. This functionality does not use cookies and will still work regardless of your settings. As soon as you leave that page, your information will disappear.