FTL Shipping (Full Load Shipping) is a great option for shipping goods in Canada. Here’s why.

Used in the right circumstances, full truckload shipping- often called FTL shipping-can work out cheaper and be more efficient than other methods of road haulage. For those shipping enough product to fill an entire truck, FTL shipping is the perfect solution.

If you’re wondering if FTL shipping is right for you, here are some of the main benefits:

No Restrictions: With FTL shipping, no size and weight restrictions are made by the carrier. You don’t have to worry if your goods conform to their requirements as your delivery will simply take up the whole shipment. This is an advantage if you currently spend a lot of time trying to work out weights and measurements of your shipments and then researching carriers to find the best pricing.

Time Efficient: FTL shipping transit times are faster as the lorry isn’t making other stops, so your delivery goes straight to your drop-off destination. This also makes the tracking of the driver more meaningful. The estimates arrival time you see in your transport management system won’t be affected by delays at multiple stops along the way.

Cost Efficient: One of the most tangible benefits of full truckload shipping is that it can save you money. Carriers often offer better shipping rates for FTL shipping, which can work out cheaper. If you ship large or heavy goods, or if you ship in bulk, then choosing FTL shipping can save you money.

Fewer Requirements: Compared to less-than-truckload shipping which requires every shipping unit to be accurately measured and weighed, choosing to use full truckload shipping means that you will have fewer requirements to deal with before your products can be transported to their destination. Make sure to talk to your 3PL provider to learn more about the requirements you will need to meet in order to use FTL shipping.

Reduced Risks: FTL shipping carries less risk than other modes. Fewer touch points reduce risk, and since marginal risk derives from the time it takes to arrive at a destination, which is expanded in perishable freight, full truckload reduces risk.
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