Looking for ways to save money on your shipping costs? Here are a few tips on how to reduce the amount you spend on shipping FTL freight.

Palletize your shipments

This one isn’t a strict rule, as carrier policies vary, but some carriers will charge more for a non-palletized shipment due to lower maneuverability and higher risk of damage. 

Palletizing may reduce shipping costs on its own, but take into consideration that pallets help prevent damage as well. This is the epitome of “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Damage avoided is money saved. Reusing pallets is also a greener option.

Reuse your pallets

If you plan on shipping more frequently, reuse your packaging to save money. If your consignee needs to ship something back to you, have them use the pallet or crate you already sent them. Most pallets and crates do not need to be broken down in order for the shipment to be offloaded, as long as everything is packaged safely.

Make your shipment stackable

Carriers will charge more for a non-stackable shipment since it takes up more space in their trucks, so try to make sure that your shipment can withstand the weight of another one on top of it. 

If your FTL freight is not stackable, consider noting that it can only be top-stacked. This means that while your package can go on top of others, nothing should be placed on top of yours. Some carriers might charge you more if they consider your shipment as “non-stackable”, even though it is top-stackable. It’s always best to check with your shipping specialist first.

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